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How Do We Remove Fences?

Upon arrival, our crew will dismantle your existing fence and load it straight onto the trailer. Our removal process ensures there is no damage to your landscaping, your yard, or your curb. Once we cut away the midsection of the fence, we remove the posts and concrete from the holes.

This allows us to occasionally reuse the existing hole by cleaning it out and gutting the bottom. This reduces excess dirt and keeps a cleaner job site.

How Do We Ensure A Perfect Inline Appearance?

Once the post and debris are removed and responsibly disposed of, we set our corner posts and make sure they are perfectly level and braced off. At this point, we use strings at the top and bottom to give your fence the perfect inline appearance.

Our fence installation team then marks and drills the holes and makes sure to set and level the posts. We also install an orange barricade to secure the ongoing project overnight.

How Do We Customize Fence Installations?

Back at the shop, we custom-weld one-inch square tubing gates to your unique specifications. We then paint with gloss black enamel for the best appearance. We will arrive in the morning on day two to install the framework and pickets and complete the fence.

Depending on the size of the fence, we will typically have the gates hung at this time. Our project managers will ensure we complete the build according to your specifications, and that we clean the site before we leave.

What Types of Fence Repairs Do We Offer?

Although some may assume that a sad-looking fence needs a full replacement, fence repair can be an affordable and viable solution.

We provide fence repair in Virginia for the following:

  • Broken slats or panels
  • Leaning sections
  • Sagging posts
  • Gate hardware issues

Why Pressure Washing & Staining Is Important for Fences & Decks

Pressure washing is a great way to brighten an old fence or deck. Done correctly, it can add a new look that most people can’t even envision. This is among the most favorite tasks of weekend warriors and DIY experts. Unfortunately, so many learn the hard way that it is also the most common cause of early fence deterioration.

By overdoing the pressure or tip distance from the wood, it causes the wood to splinter and fur, ruining the look you were going for and essentially taking years off the surface. At Greenway Home Improvements, we train our technicians with the utmost care and caution regarding your fence’s ability to retain its integrity.

After washing the fence, it will retain this new appearance for about six months. However, it will eventually start to weather and gray and return to its then-current state. We highly recommend applying a clear coat or a stain to help preserve the new look and the fence’s ability to defend against the elements for years longer than if left undone. We use only the highest quality products and equipment to ensure the finish is exactly what we promised.

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Let's Get In Touch To Get Started!

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